Most church leaders today serve the growing churches of the non-Western world, a phenomenon that is largely hidden from those living in the global North. It is impossible to overstate the significance of these leaders for the health and future of the global church.

However, the bulk of these leaders remain untrained or poorly-trained because they cannot afford the time or money for full-time training. And even if they could, traditional patterns of training would not cope with the nature or scale of the problem.

BUILD – ‘Biblical Understanding for In-service Leadership Development’ – is one response to this situation. We believe that it is an outstanding one that will not only make a significant contribution to the leadership needs of the churches, but will also inspire and shape other initiatives.

Why do we believe that? Because BUILD emerged in the local context of the Church of Uganda, where local leaders own it and are spreading it further afield. BUILD has impetus and impact, because it all began with their story >>