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Your story

We have shared their story and explained ours. But what about yours? How might your interests connect with those of BUILD? The Church is one body, north and south, which “grows and builds itself up in love as each part does its work.” It is a great encouragement to be involved with the growing church of the global South and to partner with it. Here are some ways to respond.

1. Get in touch

Does any of what you have read resonate with your own journey? Please contact us and get connected. And sign up for our blog in order to stay connected.

2. Give

One of the secrets of BUILD’s success has been to minimise external input. The lion’s share of the resources used in the work come from churches on the ground. But careful and considered support is vital for the work to grow.

We have already described some of the financial needs; there are costs attached to all capacity building efforts. But the difference with BUILD is the way in which small inputs can create extraordinary impacts.

Please consider supporting BUILD Partners as a church, individual or organisation and develop a living partnership around that, here are some ways of giving:

Send a cheque payable to ‘BUILD Partners’ to: The Trustees, 10 The Firs, Bath, BA2 5ED, UK. If you are a UK tax payer we can reclaim tax from eligible donations at no extra cost if you download, complete and return our gift aid form (pdf 455 KB) with your initial gift.

Give regularly by downloading, completing and sending us a standing order form (pdf 603 KB). Or use the bank details on that form to set up a standing order yourself. If you do so and are a UK tax payer please use the gift aid form to increase the value of that giving.

Make a bank transfer by using the bank details on the standing order form. Again, if you are a UK tax payer please use the gift aid form.

Use Stewardship, if you have an account. BUILD Partners is registered with them (account no. 20168065).

Give online using our page. Go there to give a one-off amount or to make a monthly donation tax-effectively.

(NOTE: If you do not have a Stewardship account there are small fees associated with These costs are minimal but can be avoided by sending a cheque or making a standing order, but that may not be as convenient.)

3. Go

You might want to go and see some of the work BUILD is doing and join in with some of the training if you are a church leader. Part of the beauty of the BUILD system is that you can slot in with what local groups are doing and use units in the curriculum or the themes that are being followed, so that your efforts fit in with theirs.

His story

Given how much emphasis BUILD places on preaching and teaching it is important to land this site well. We have thought about three interconnected stories: their story, our story and your story. But what ultimately connects these is God’s own story.

BUILD Module Two has the title, Genesis and the Pentateuch: Knowing God’s Story and Leading by Faith. It trains local church leaders to trust that while history seems messy and hard to interpret, God’s own story, the Bible’s story, lies behind it and continues to unfold day-by-day. The work of BUILD is a tiny effort, but we believe it is part of something far bigger, which gives us faith to keep building.